Sunday, 13 July 2014

Rules Of The Game: Where To Begin With Fashion Designing

    While you may not need a formal education to become a fashion designer, you still need to spend time learning what it takes to achieve your goals. The cut throat industry of designing requires knowledge of a combination of skill sets and an unwavering determination. Here a a few short tips that will help you on your road to success.

Developing Your Skills
Do you love designing storyboards but hate sewing? Well, beginning fashion designers need to know and understand a wide array of skills to get ahead of the game. Drawing, draping, visualizing, cutting, and sewing are just a few of the tasks that will help you succeed. Don't be afraid to take a few classes or apply for an internship to learn more about your passions.

The Business Side of Design
Talent and creativity are just one part of being a fashion designer. Marketing yourself and managing your finances can make or break your fashion designing career. Sign up for a local class or pick up a few books at your local bookstore. Also, make sure to stay updated on the latest happening in the industry. Know who your customers and competitors are so that you can surpass all of their needs.

Your Fashion Portfolio
This is vital to your fashion design career wether you're applying to jobs and internships or you're seeking funding for an upcoming project. Many designers have both physical and online portfolios. The online version will help others find your work but also keep a physical version you can take to meetings that will present further detailing and specifics of your excellent work.

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