Saturday, 5 July 2014

Did batsmen use silicone tape to cheat technology?

LONDON: A new controversy has engulfed cricket's DRS technology after an Australian channel on Wednesday Claimed That International Cricket Council (ICC) was looking into Allegations That players Were involved in. trying to cheat the effectiveness of the Hot Spot During The Ongoing Ashes Series Between England and Australia.

The ICC denied the reports, saying no Investigations Have Been Launched Either against the two teams or against any single player over the possible use of silicone tape on bats as a way of fooling the Hot Spot.

Rumour mills working overtime Were With the TV station denying they ICC general manager of cricket, Geoff Allardice was flying from Dubai to ICC headquarters in Durham, the venue of the fourth Ashes Test, to Investigate the Allegations serious.

But ICC CEO David Richardson rubbished the claims. He said "These media reports are totally incorrect. Meeting with Geoff Allardice is Both Teams and umpires to see how we can best use the DRS and the available technology going forward in the next two Test matches. It has nothing to do With Any players. "

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