Monday, 7 July 2014


Rain Barrel Super Siphon

Faster, Easier way to get water from your rain barrel
Allows you to water plants uphill from the rain barrel
Use to apply fertilizer and compost tea Diluted
No power required
Finally, a fast, effective and simple method of Transferring rain barrel water to your gardens - even if they're from the rain sweeps uphill! - Without Repeated trips back and forth lugging heavy watering cans. Drain a 75-gallon rain barrel in 15 minutes or less, twice as fast as Allowing water to flow by gravity alone. The siphon Also Allows you to mix fertilizer or compost tea in the rain barrel and use the water to mix Diluted plants.The Super siphon review is "powered" by tap water flowing through your hose: As it passes through the Super Siphon, the flowing tap water That Creates a suction draws the rain water out of your rain barrel and Mixes It With the water from the tap. This results in a water output that's up to two thirds rain barrel water and 1/3 tap water from your tap (the exact mix depends on your water pressure, hose length and diameter, and attachments). Hoses not included.

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