Monday, 21 July 2014

Naturalmente Organic and Natural Shampoo Shop

    Welcome to the Naturalmente website. A unique range of biodynamic and organic hair care – everything you need to cleanse, condition and nourish your hair with naturally. Available throughout the UK and Eire through salons , shops and online.

Better choice Professional Hair Colour

Ton & Colour by Naturalmente – Ammonia Free and better choice chemical Gel colour

Retail by Naturalmente

    We have a comprehensive range, of high quality personal care products, all under the same brand, to open new doors to customer loyalty and increase in retail sales.

Organic HAIR CARE range
Organic Hair STYLING aids
Certified SCALP SPECIFIC range with essential oils
Certified SKIN CARE range
Organic SUN care range
and much, more!

Imagine a possibility to offer these unique experiences to your clients…

    A salon that is fresh and alive and free from noxious, intrusive odours, instead fill your salon with gorgeous scents. With hair products which contain various essential oils, envelope your clients in natures beauty!
From the shampoo shop and conditioners being used at basin to styling products being infused into the air, create an atmosphere similar to strolling through nature....

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