Monday, 14 July 2014

Hydroton - LECA Clay For Hydroponic Gardening

    Hydroton is an expanded clay medium made by super heating the clay. The LECA Clay that hydroton is made from is a pH neutral clay. It provides excellent support for the plants while it holds water extremely well to promote excellent capillary action.
Hydroton Clay Pebbles
    These Hydroton Clay Pebbles are ideal for hydroponic gardening.
Hydroton is very popular because it is clean, odorless and reusable. It works excellent for plants of all sizes, from small plants like lettuce to larger plants like tomatoes and peppers. One of the reasons that they work so well for Hydroton clay pebbles is their air to moisture ratio makes them well suited for this style of gardening.
    Many times, hydroponic gardeners fill plastic net cups with these clay pebbles, and put their plants either directly in it. That works great, but some folks prefer to first start a plant in a rockwool cubes, later to surround the plant’s cube with the clay pebbles in a net cup. Either way works extremely well.
People also use hydroton for Orchids. The porous nature of it provides for excellent aeration and acts as a water reservoir that helps Orchids to thrive. When used for growing Orchids, Hydroton is use by itself or in combination with other mediums such as charcoal, coconut husk chips or other things suitable for Orchids.

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