Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Mooring Buoys in Watmough Bay

The san juan islands cruising guide County Land Bank has installed three new mooring buoys in Watmough Bay on Lopez Island. The buoys are free to use. Watmough Bay is one of the most picturesque anchorages in the San Juan Island, and the new buoys make visiting Easier and more environmentally friendly.

Tim Clark sent us the Following information:

These buoys are new screw type anchors with midline floats, made ​​to minimize disturbance to the seafloor vegetation. The hope Is that boats will use the buoys instead of anchors Single That May Their drag chains and disturb the seafloor. The buoys are strong. The conservative rating is for 45 feet, but of course This Will vary by weight and weather. The buoys have Also Been Placed with enough scope to be safe, but still allow people on shore to see the view. There is no charge for using the buoys, but there is a limit to 72 hour stays.

With luck, free public These buoys will help fill the eelgrass back in while providing a service to the boating community. The next step is to get boaters to row Their dinghies instead of going to shore with a motor. We all want to see more fish and wildlife in These Waters.

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