Sunday, 22 June 2014

Child Modelling

Choosing a Child Modelling Agency
    Which modelling agency to choose
    Look online for child modelling agencies and see what comes up. Do you research on them and find out if they are established and have a good reputation. Do not sign anything with anyone or pay until you are sure. Get a recommendation from a friend or colleague who already has a child in an agency and call them to find out more.
    What to ask a modelling agency
What percentage do they take? What clients do they work with? Make sure you understand the process of applying and the total cost of joining - some agencies will say that they do not charge upfront fees but then say that you will need to have professional pictures taken. Modelling agencies and managers get paid commission when the model gets paid. Ask if they send a cheque out to the model as soon as they get it or       
whether you have to wait.
Modelling Photos
For babies, get them updated every six months until they are walking, for young children update their portfolio every year, and for older children every two years.
Modelling Auditions
The agency will contact you if your child gets an audition and this can be very exciting. You can phone the agency to find out what jobs they have been put forward for recently and get feedback. The agency will give you all the information for the casting including date, time, place and details of travel to there, also if there are wardrobe requirements or lines to be learnt. Find out the casting fee and take your child to make sure they are safe.
Once you have been to the casting you may only hear back if your child has been successful, at this point most jobs shortlist your child for the job. If you need a license a child modelling agency can help you with this  
Regular Updates

The child modelling agency you chose should always be there for you to update you regularly. Many agencies send out newsletters by email to tell the parents of child models what we have been up to and the clients that we have been working with, they also have featured employers. Many are also on Twitter and Facebook so parents can follow them that way. See if your agency has social media pages that are active it's a great way to stay in touch.

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