Sunday, 22 June 2014

Baby Modelling

    It takes a lot more than a photogenic face to make a good baby model. Temperament and personality are just as important, and baby models need the drive to prove themselves over and over again. They have to work the camera, work well with others, and be professional at all times. They must be comfortable with strangers and take direction from them.
Most successful child models are also small for their age. When their teeth start coming out they may lose out on top jobs to cuter younger models. That way they can play the part of a younger child but have the maturity level of an older one.

Before you pursue modelling for your child, ask yourself whether he's comfortable around a lot of other children and adults. Is he generally outgoing? Can he pay attention for long periods of time? If the answer is yes, then your child might have the right personality for modelling.
Personality definitely comes through on the photographers camera, an outgoing child who smiles all the time is better suited for modelling. If you have a shy child, there's no point in forcing her into modelling. She won't have a good time, she probably won't get picked for jobs, and it will make you miserable. Modelling is a hard long road and although it can be fun and rewarding, there are many doors that close on you.
Even mothers whose baby modelling dream has always been there find it hard to cope with the demands of travel and stress associated with auditions. When they don’t get short listen they can be very upset. However, you have to be strong for your children and help them face rejection.

Another key question to ask yourself: Does your child want to be a model, or do you want your child to be a model? Most babies will let you know whether they're comfortable around strangers and enjoy the attention, but it can be harder to tell with an older child. Some kids say they're interested in modelling just to please their parents.

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