Tuesday, 14 January 2014

T -shirt Printing

   So you want to buy a Personalised t -shirt from an online t -shirt printing shop . But what does all that information about the t -shirt and cotton weight materials mean and how big are the t -shirts really? Is it a big sized small? A small sized Large?

There are many anxieties when it comes to buying printed t -shirts online . Some are addressed by online shops but in many cases it it adequately , Particularly when it comes to sizing , let us down shops and customers end up with a product that's not fit for purpose .

Gsm : This is how you'll normally see the weight of a shirt displayed . Essentially its a measure of thickness ( weight of 1 square meter of t -shirt item or grammes per square meter ) . A gsm of 220 is a heavy duty shirt. It'll be quite hot on a warm sunny day . A gsm of 160 is a light summery t -shirt. This is no clear indication of quality. There are some very fine knit light weight t -shirts are perfect for That Personalised designs .

Most t -shirts These Days are 100 % cotton . As a side note , do not write of a hoodie or t -shirt That has some polyester in it . People's overall reaction Is that cotton is the nature and industry is good and polyester and nasty . Well , modern polyester is an amazing product . Your garments will take less washing , ironing , and drying in Those terms so they're more environmental . The cotton industry has Become an Industry These Days monster and there are many Concerns about the damage to the planet sue to excessive pesticide and water use and production During growing . So the argument against polyester is an old one and not as strong as it once was .

Another issue When buying printed t -shirts is the size . Some of the better t -shirt printing companies are started to adopt new strategies to comunicate the size of Their t -shirts , rather than the old and misleading S , M , L etc . It's also nice not to Have to think of yourself as an XL , When instead you can think in terms of a non judgmental and objective measurement . Here is what they're doing and it ' s amazing That it's so late coming . To give us the measurements of Their measuring they're Their shirts shirt! How very easy . Any special brand and size of shirt is from seam to seam Measured , side to side and top to bottom and Those measurements are what you can use to know if at- shirt will fit . Simply visit your wardrobe , find a shirt That Fits really well , measure it and then pick at- shirt That matches on the site . You just know That the shirt will be OK When it arrives !

We need to be putting pressure on t -shirt companies to adopt this method ! Of course they're not abandoning the older system as it ' s an useful shorthand , but it will not be long before we think of this approach as The most sensible and natural.For More Info click www.tshirtstudio.com

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