Sunday, 12 January 2014

Chalkboard Stickers and Writable Chalk Wall Decals

    It's hardly a mystery as to why children love stickers, but Coco Boheme These chalkboard stickers take the iconic invention to a whole new level by Allowing kids to enjoy sustainable and creative fun.

Made from biodegradable potato starch and eco-friendly glues, These Animal-shaped Coco Boheme chalkboard stickers are reusable Also, que That means Both children and parents can get plenty of use out of them before throwing them out.
Implications - Parents and teachers are always looking for items That will help Their children learn while having fun at the same time. Businesses that offer These types of products are likely to gain Consumers who want to challenge Their children with creative games.  
    Nothing beats the simplicity and convenience of these peel-and-stick chalkboard stickers. Apply them to any smooth, dry surface, and just start writing! Removable and repositionable, stick them to walls, tables, cabinets, refrigerators ... anywhere and everywhere. Boys, girls, and home decor styles. We even include the chalk!

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