Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Look Cool Out of School in a UCLA Spears Jacket This Winter!

    In the early twentieth century many fashion brands originated from the alumni clothing students wore in prominent schools and colleges and UCLA Clothing is of no exception.
 The many jackets, hats and t-shirts it sports in its collection have been inspired by the clothing worn by the students of the University of California Los Angeles.  The brand was established at the same time the university opened its doors to its first flush of students in 1919, making the UCLA clothing one of the oldest established alumni brands around.  Fortunately the brand may be heading for its one hundredth birthday but the style still remains vibrant and youthful – epitomising everything wonderful about being a young cool academic.
Clothes in all Weathers
The versatility of the designs on offer becomes very apparent when you have to consider the type of weather that your clothes have to accommodate.  By designing substantial and stylish overcoats such as UCLA Twilight Blue Spears Jacket you can still dress for the weather and show people that you are wearing UCLA clothing at the same time.
 Often we have to hide our brilliant designer gear under a practical jacket or rain coat when a brand doesn’t provide us with a stylish and useful alternative.  The UCLA Twilight Blue Spears Jacket actually looks warm and waterproof when you look at the picture so imagine how substantial and robust it will be when you wear it – not to forget how comfortable it will be.

Quality and Value
You would actually want it to be raining and cold so that you could showcase this wonderful piece of kit, everybody would know exactly where your fashion allegiances lie due to the very prominent white and blue logo on the chest.   You could always team your jacket with a Puckett Sweatshirt, which has a huge logo emblazoned across the chest so there is no mistaking how highly sensitive how good quality but good value clothing you are.  In fact the clothing is of such good value and amazing quality you could wear UCLA clothing from top to toe – maybe that would be a little too much and the sirens of the fashion police may be ringing in your ears as you step out of your front door.

So remember if you want to get college cool then choose UCLA clothing and team them up with other stylish clothes from your collection making you stand out from the crowd.

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