Sunday, 14 September 2014

Smoking Hot Clothing Company, IV.II.O, Ready to Fill Orders

    New clothing company, IV.II.O is now ready to take and fill new orders, by September, for their current line of t shirts.  The t shirts feature a variety of designs that will appeal to both men and women who want to make a fashion statement.
    The intriguing designs by IV.II.O are a mix of rocker/skater boy and rocker/doper boy. IV.II.O's t shirts are made exclusively for the company and are manufactured and printed in the same factory. These are no ordinary shirts, though, as they feature a two-piece design making them more durable than the ordinary t-shirt. They are manufactured from 100 percent organic cotton and are so soft wearers will feel as though they aren't wearing anything.
    IV.II.O, pronounced (eye-vee-oh), is a Roman numeral for 420. The latter is a code term for the consumption of marijuana, as well as the date (April 20) when smokers light up. Nevertheless, the clothing line is in no way targeting weed smokers specifically. The brand promotes itself as "Higher fashion for the lifted, gifted and better. IV.II.O incorporates a spin on 420, targeting those who are high on life, fashion forward and want to distinguish themselves from the crowd.
    For now IV.II.O is focusing its attention on Logo t shirts. However, there are plans to further develop the line to offer hats, shoes and other clothing wear. Fashionistas are encouraged to place their orders by September, as doing so will ensure that their t shirts are dispatched to them as soon as the company receive its shipment.
    To get an idea of the brands style, visit their website at
About the Company
    IV.II.O clothing company was launched in June 2014 by Rashid Latta. The brand was built on the foundation of the owner's passion for unique fashion.
Contact: Rashid Latta
Tel: 410-960-7892
Email: IVIIOCLC@GMAIL .COM                 

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