Sunday, 28 September 2014

Choosing a Fashion Magazine

    How many times have you stood in front of a hundred magazines in a bookshop and struggled to pick one that covers the things you really have an interest in? For those of us interested in female modelling, there are only a few real choices. This article takes a look at the top three magazines and gives you a little insight into what makes them tick and what they cover. The information in these publications is useful to any aspiring female model.

    Vogue is one of the oldest fashion magazines, at almost 100 years old, and is the foundation on which all other publications are based. It is the mother of the fashion magazine genre and is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. They focus on popular brands such as YSL and Prada and are strictly haute couture. They are famous for their Autumn issue which is often over 700 pages long. They cater for a female audience and as such feature mainly female models. In every issue Vogue has articles on health, travel and fitness and they also look at the homes of famous celebrity designers. 
    Harpers Bazaar is a publication for the genuine fashion enthusiast. They feature collections from the capitals of fashion and give readers a keen overview of what is happening in the fashion world. They regularly include colour themes and large sections dedicated to accessories. They don’t overstep into the territory of other magazines and only feature fashion related pieces, rather than lifestyle etc.  It is one of the smallest magazines and also the cheapest.
    Elle, like Vogue, features high fashion but with a focus on slightly less costly brands.  It features comprehensive, large female modelling fashion spreads as well as expansive sections on accessories and beauty. Elle has worked hard to expand its audience and has worked to widen their readership segment by delving into the territory of regular women’s magazines such as Cosmo. Elle is still a fashion magazine, but with its broadened topic ranges there is something for everyone. 
    W is known as being a more artistic magazine. It is heavy and thick and full of fashion spreads. They cover slightly older fashion lines yet also cover up and comers. Celebrities play a large part in W as they seem to focus on fashion through this medium. It is a good blend of fashion, celebrity and female modelling news.

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