Sunday, 24 August 2014

Grandmother’s shirt…in vogue!

Tradition never dies, even more, it revives over time. The best example is the Romanian folk costume, called "ie", which began to be worn with pride by famous supermodels from Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier or Galliano. Kate Moss, Heidi Klum and Taylor Swift are just a few of the international stars who stepped on the catwalk wearing the clothes inspired by Romanian traditions. It is certain! The Romanian blouse is very popular and if in Romania has long been a museum piece, in Europe and beyond, the stars came to dress it. Ladies began to pay thousands of dollars to wear a Romanian blouse, matching casual outfits. Every model has its particular history, from the style of various historical regions of Romanian provinces. Floral motifs are the most common, but we find, translated into the language of sewing needle so many sacred symbols of Romanian culture.
The beginnings of the Romanian traditional shirt are unclear, but we know that this piece of clothing was worn by peasants when they went to work. They wear it with the inside on weekdays and with the outside, on holidays. "The patterns", were meant to protect from evil spirits. We also know that this type of models were stitched on the blouse. In the past, girls sewed their "ie" every winter, which they wore on Easter Day, considered the most important holiday of the year. This piece of clothing was sewn in secret, so that no one can copy the pattern. Making the "ie" could take even three weeks. Every part of the "ie", from the fabric itself to the intricate embroideries on the chest and sleeves, is entirely hand-made, and the design has not changed for hundreds of years.
The Romanian traditional design has become very popular in international fashion due to its originality. So, many designers have understood what treasures lie in the dowry chests in Romania. The famous singer Adele, was dressed by fashion designer Tom Ford with a stylized "ie", inspired by a specific pattern in the South of Romania. The paradox is that only after the great fashion designers have reinvented the Romanian costume, the idea became popular again in Romania. The popular clothing propulsioned quickly and turned into a business that now brings a good profit. Both Romanian women and those from abroad, prefered to revive the popular clothing. The price of a Romanian blouse starts at 250 and can reach 2500 euros. Behind the creations are endless hours of work and extremely fine material, always made manually. Regardless of the influences that they use in reinventing the traditional Romanian clothing, designers have a common idea: the folk patterns should not be forgotten and the best way to revive the tradition it's to merge it with the contemporary art. The conclusion is simple, the Romanian "ie" has reached more than a piece of clothing - it is respect for tradition, it's a story ... a modern and unique story, that talks about the strong personality of the Romanian women, about their inner beauty and femininity. Find more fashion articles on FashionMix

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