Tuesday, 26 August 2014

EarthTone Music

EarthTone Music Productions is located in the Prospect Heights section of
Brooklyn NY and is run by keyboardist/producer John Zych.
Recording /mixing /mastering/ production. We also create custon
instrumental tracks from scratch.  We've been in business since the year
2000 and can accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes. Our live room has a
7 piece Gretsch drum kit mic'd up and ready to go. Reasonable rates and a
quality sound.
Check out the "Audio" page to hear some tracks that were recorded here

Whether you're a singer/songwriter, punk band, rock band,
jazz combo, rapper, instrumentalist or
any combination of the above - we can accomodate you.
We can record up to 24 tracks simultaneously through the
Motu 2408 mk2/pci 424 and Focusrite ocropremkII interfaces yet
the actual track count is virtually unlimited. We use Cubase 7.5 or
ProTools 9 on a Mac Pro with a full suite of Waves plug-ins. We have a
vintage 6 piece Gretsch drum kit miked up and ready to go

Live Band / Multi track digital recording
Full Production
Music Transcription
Transfer Vinyl or cassette to CD
Custom Karaoke
Sound design for theatrical production
Voice-over .
Musical assistance available on www.earthtonemusic.net

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