Sunday, 11 August 2013

Treasures auction sites have sold over 350,000 Gems to some 64 countries to July 2013

    Treasures of the world idea was conceived as many of the worlds natural gemstone mines are not producing the quantity as in the past and we now consider as Treasures.
Our sites have specialists selling gemstones that each year will be more expensive to mine and to find so we expect prices to increase on natural gemstones due to these factors
Our online sites are managed by Verified sellers who have product knowledge above the average online gemstone seller so buyers have confidence .
Gemstone Sheriff helps keep sellers up to date about Gemstone Treatments

Gemstone Specialist site with many Gemmologist and Gemstone Sheriff program .

Over 68,000 Gemstones online and over 144,000 gemstones sold

Opal specialist site with many opal miners and opal wholesalers worldwide and opal Sheriff program

Over 62,000 opals online and over 194,000 opals sold online

Im starting new web site

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