Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How Long Did It Take For You In Potty Training Your Puppy?

    The duration of dog grass pad depends upon how quick is the response of your puppy. It varies depending on the readiness and alertness of your dog. You need to give your puppy attention. By observing the attitude and behavior of your pet, you can be able to know the timing of when he needs to urinate and defecate. Place them in an area wherein you can always see them. Provide them with a crate or gates to avoid roaming inside the house. Accidents can happen and you do not want your favorite mats or carpets look like and smell like a mess. Give them their own space where they can rest, play and sleep.

Watch out for signals that indicates the need to pee or poop such as sniffing and squatting. If you see them doing like this, bring them to the area where the litter box is located. You also need to bring them on the said area after drinking or eating. Wait for about 10-15 minutes. They need to urinate and defecate after drinking water and eating. You also need to control the amount of food that they need to eat. It is not advisable to give them a full bowl most of the time. Gather information from breeders who owns the same breed or you can ask your vet for how much food you need to feed them.
Do not allow them to play while waiting for them to pee or poop. If you don’t have the time to look over them most of the time, you need to provide them with a crate. It is a wrong idea that putting your dog in a crate means you are imprisoning them. Dogs or puppies that are crate trained feel safe from their surroundings. They can feel the comfort while they are in their crate than wandering inside the house. Before putting them inside their crate make sure that you have already brought them outside or in their litter box. In this way, they will learn that urinating and defecating is not allowed on the crate. Through time they will learn to hold while they are in the crate.

The two main factors that contribute to the success of potty training are repetition and consistency. Repetition will give them an idea that they need to do it. You have to be consistent in training them. Place the litter box on a permanent area. If it is placed outside the house or apartment, you need to pass by on the same way and door. This will help them to pass by the same door when they need to potty. Some dog owners use a potty pad. The scent of the pads will attract them to potty. Be sure to use the same word when they potty. An example of this is “go potty” or use can use “good dog potty”. It is advisable to always use the same words. You also need to repeat it most of the time. Your dog will understand that the word means he needs to potty.

Allow enough time in training your dog. There is no exact limit on the time that you need to train them. Training depends upon the response of your dog. Do not lose hope when your puppy may sometimes forget to follow the instructions.  Be patient in training them. Any successful potty training depends upon you. Do not feel frustrated when your dog is too slow to learn. You have to understand that there is a communication barrier between animals and humans. In order to bridge the gap you have to be determined and consistent in training them.

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