Monday, 2 March 2015


Shopping is an insatiable desire for many. The reason why many people ponder over retail stores and malls is simple because of the desire to buy the best possible products for themselves at good prices as well as to buy apparels to forever stay in fashion. Also with the constant arrival of new products most of the time especially in a country like India, shopping every weekend or so seems to be the most preferred option for many. 
    The trend to shop online for your favorite products too has increased as more and more people today enjoy buying products from several online portals in order to avail the products at cheap prices and discounts. Shopping has also increased considerably for fashion apparels especially online as there are many web portals which solely focus on selling fashionable apparels. Online fashion shopping has certainly led to a decline in the footfalls of retail stores and outlets as well.
  We are a new personalized mobile shopping platform. We aggregate products from 3rd parties, analyze user behavior and recommend specified products to customers according to their preferences. Our goal is to bring more positive emotions to online shopping.

The video, where I’m using the demo will probably explain the idea better 
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