Saturday, 17 January 2015

Big Thinking: Let’s Do Launch

    A few weeks a go, a young female entrepreneur came to us with a request. Can you help us launch a revolutionary fashion product? Oh yeah, you have to make a hard hitting product demonstration and of course, be fashionable. Sure, we said.
    Alexis Reiff is everything you expect from a young entrepreneur.Bright. Energetic. Passionate.And the product she developed,HeelSwaps, has all the right mojo.Good design. Excellent execution. Unique product benefit. One thing was stopping her from going primetime. She was having trouble showing store buyers and consumers how the product worked.
Enter the Power of Video
    We’ve been saying for years how online video is the best way to do product demos. Our challenge with HeelSwaps was to make the demonstration fashionable and functional, just like the product. So we asked Alexis to grab some of her friends, a bunch of her product, and meet us at a location we scouted in Lincoln Park. We mixed a little bit of attitude, a little bit of product, a little green screen, and a few days of editing with some glitzy music. And Alexis had her product demo.
Turning Product Demonstrations into Entertainment
    We’ve always tried to add a little fun to the product demos’s we do. Check out our Totally Shameless Plug page for some examples. And our Day 6 section on Product Demos shows how even straightforward, catalogue-style, show-them-all-the-features-and-benefits can be done with a little bit of attitude as well. FOR MORE INFO CLICK

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