Saturday, 3 May 2014

DPC1 Social Network

DPC1 is a social network for people to discuss and share the knowledge of being prepared to any type of natural or man-made disaster. Membership is free;)

Disaster Preparedness with Spin of Fun!

Enjoy learning and sharing. No fearmongering on DPC1!
Sign in with your existing twitter or Facebook account. Upload photos, videos or anything funny;).

Who can sign up?
1- Individuals (world wide)
2- Educators & experts
3- Groups
4- Businesses
5- Media firms
6- Animals and that include dogs, cats, frogs and so on
7- Aliens (Extraterrestrial Suckers)

Just say everyone. Feel free to upload your logo and post a link to your site. Share anything useful to humanity. Don't forget to fill out your (beeeeb) bio. Kapish?


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