Sunday, 29 September 2013


 Jewelry has a rich history and is considered as one of the oldest types of archeological artifacts on the face of this planet. Jewelry making and designing is a global phenomenon yet the design of jewelry significantly varies with different cultures. Additionally the reasons trending behind the sharing of jewelry among loved ones can also vary significantly according to regions. For example in traditional Asia (Modern China) young women used to present their favorite piece of jewelry to their beloved men when they used to go out to war or to  the imperial academy for examination. This was mainly done due the belief among loved ones that preferred jewelry can bring security, peace and good luck.
Jewelry can be made out of different materials like ambers corals, precious metals and beads. In most of the cultures around the world jewelry is considered a status symbol based on the material used, the patters or symbols incorporated. Jewelry around the world has been made to appreciate and decorate almost every part of the body like toe rings, hairpins. The patterns of jewelry can vary according to sexes and by age but throughout history adult women have been the most consistent wearers of jewelry.
Accessories Expert Keen to be King (AEKK) was established in 1999 in Hong Kong with the very thought of producing cultural Asian Jewelry at its core. AEKK strives to incorporate traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain, jade, lazurite and other elements present in Chinese culture into its product design. This amalgamation of young and old creates a separate class of modern day design that outclasses every other brand and is rarely found outside AEKK.
 AEKK Inspires to compete with giants like Tiffany and Pandora by developing its highly specialized niche of traditional Chinese jewelry. AEKK strives to develop and sell top of the line quality products to its customers at highly affordable prices in comparison to brands like Tiffany and Pandora because AEKK truly believes that our customers deserve the best. This Halloween, we have great pumpkin and skull charms and beads. For more got to

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